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The Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Values through Dance

Our Values through Dance Programme seeks to inculcate values, including school values, through the use of dance in various forms. While the student acquires the knowledge and learns the skills associated with dance, central to the nurturing of the student are the values that will serve to anchor the character development through exposure, experience and engagement.

The identified values will be nurtured in 3 aspects:


Our LLP is in alignment to the school’s strategic thrust 2, Excellence in Co-Curriculum, with one of the goals as developing in students the values, skills, awareness, appreciation and talent through performing arts, in particular, dance where it has been the stronghold of the performing arts in school.

Our Direct School Admission commenced in 2015 with LLP in mind to admit students who have the attitude, interest and relevant aptitude into secondary 1.

Through the curriculum and co-curriculum, within school, in the community and even beyond our shores, many platforms avail for us to develop values and skills through our LLP.

The 3 tiers of development are:


By going through the LLP, we hope our students grow to be gracious, creative, reflective and collaborative team players. Socially competent and constantly striving for excellence, our students will be inundated with integrity and respect to give back to community and society.

In other words, the FCS graduand, through the LLP, can be a scholar in dance, a practitioner of dance, an advocate for dance as well as a leader in dance.

Our distinctive programme not only aims to bring a positive impact for the students but also includes all staff as well. FCS teachers participate in the annual Staff Dance Programme which exposes them to various dance genres such as Hip Hop and Latin dance.

Some highlights from our Learning for Life Programme “Values through Dance”:

After our success in breaking Singapore’s Record for The Longest Duration of Zumba Dance in 2016, the school decided to sustain the dance routine and declare it uniquely ours. The Fuchun Dance is a fusion of Hip Hop and Zumba Dance moves. Currently, the Fuchun Dance is taught by our own PE teachers and is incorporated into the Secondary 1 PE curriculum. Dancing together as a class strengthens class spirit and encourages students to be adaptable to new skills.


Students from the performing arts CCAs have numerous opportunities to showcase their talents and abilities in public and community events. As part of their VIA activities, this Tier 2 group of students contributes to the neighbouring community in Marsiling through community events such as Marsiling Community Day, National Day Celebrations and Dinner and Block Parties. The public performances not only build the confidence of the students, but also enhance the Fuchun school pride and spirit!


Once every 2 years, the school participates in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. Our performing arts groups consistently bring pride to the school by achieving distinctive accolades. Each and every performing arts CCA member understands the true meaning of grit, resilience and camaraderie in the SYF journey.  The goal has been nothing short of excellence each and every time!


Each year, a selected group of students will get the opportunity to go on a Performing Arts Immersion Trip overseas. The purpose of this trip is to enable the students to appreciate the arts and dance culture in other countries. The immersion component allows the students to have a healthy exchange of ideas on arts and aesthetics with new friends abroad. Such experiences and memories not only enhance the bond amongst friends but also further deepen their love and appreciation towards Singapore.


Teachers are also included in our school’s LLP experience. To support the health and well-being of our staff, each year the teachers get to learn new dance genres and choreographies in the annual Staff Dance Programme. The dance programme is incorporated into the school’s Staff Time to enable the staff to bond and have some fun and endless laughter in the midst of a busy workweek.