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The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) 


Desired student outcomes:

  • Students who enjoy and experience the arts as audience and participants.
  • Students who develop interests, talents and character through arts engagement.
  • Students with greater aptitude lead in dance activities and represent school on national platforms.

About the programme

Our Values through Dance Programme seeks to inculcate values, including school values, through the use of dance in various forms. While the student acquires the knowledge and learns the skills associated with dance, central to the nurturing of the student are the values that will serve to anchor the character development through exposure, experience and engagement.

The identified values will be nurtured in 3 aspects:


Our LLP is in alignment to the school’s strategic thrust 2, Excellence in Co-Curriculum, with one of the goals as developing in students the values, skills, awareness, appreciation and talent through performing arts, in particular, dance where it has been the stronghold of the performing arts in school.

Through the curriculum and co-curriculum, within school, in the community and even beyond our shores, many platforms avail for us to develop values and skills through our LLP.

The 3 tiers of development are:


Tier 1: Promotion of dance and aesthetics to ALL STUDENTS

  • Arts performances are held during assembly.
  • The Sec 1 Fuchun Dance Programme is infused into the Secondary 1 PE curriculum.
  • The annual ACES Day engages all students and staff in a 30-minute dance workout.
  • Dance workshops are included in the yearly activities for the Sec 1 cohort and some non-performing arts CCAs.

Tier 2 : Development of skills and talents of STUDENTS IN PA CCAs and, others with keen interest and ability
  • Public performances and community events develop students’ confidence and passion for excellence.
  • Arts performances and local learning journeys to the musical theatres and the Esplanade inspire students to hone their craft.
  • Alternative arts workshops are infused into all performing arts CCAs to broaden students’ repertoire and knowledge in dance.
  • Participation in national dance competitions and the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation encourage students to aspire to be at their best form and enable them to understand the true meaning of grit, resilience and camaraderie.
  • The annual Overseas School Immersion and Performing Arts Tour creates opportunities for students to share their passion and talent for dance and performing arts with new friends abroad. 
 LLP 08.png LLP 09.png 

Once every 2 years, the school participates in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. Our performing arts groups consistently bring pride to the school by achieving distinctive accolades. Each and every performing arts CCA member understands the true meaning of grit, resilience and camaraderie in the SYF journey.  The goal has been nothing short of excellence each and every time!

 LLP 08.png  LLP 09.png

Tier 2+ : Development of DANCE LEADERS who strive for excellence while leading and/or representing the school in arts-related events

  • The annual MOE Youth Dance Camp develops and enhances further, the students’ aptitude in dance and enables them to be stronger role models to their peers.
  • Our annual primary school outreach programme acts as a platform for the students to represent school and lead dance presentations and demonstrations. 

     Staff Engagement in LLP
    Our distinctive programme not only aims to bring a positive impact for the students but also includes all staff as well. FCS teachers participate in the annual Staff Dance Programme, which exposes them to various dance genres such as Ethnic, Hip Hop and Latin dance.

LLP 10.png


Malay Dance Amra Tari
  • 2019 SYF - Certificate of Distinction
  • 2018 Cairhill CC Malay Dance Competition - 2nd
  • 2017 SYF - Certificate of Distinction
  • 2015 SYF - Certificate of Distinction

Indian Dance
  • 2019 SYF - Certificate of Distinction
  • 2017 SYF - Certificate of Distinction
  • 2015 SYF - Certificate of Distinction

Chinese Dance
  • 2019 SYF - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • 2018 Lion City Cup Dance Competition - Gold with Honours
  • 2017 SYF - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • 2015 SYF - Certificate of Distinction

Modern Dance
  • 2019 SYF - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • 2017 SYF - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • 2015 SYF - Certificate of Accomplishment