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1986: Humble Beginning

“Always Learning, Always Growing” 


Fuchun started on 2nd January 1986 with 9 teachers and a student population of 109. The responsibility of establishing a mission and an identity for the school rested squarely on the shoulders of the pioneer principal, Mrs Ngiam Geak Kim and her staff of nine teachers.

Our Mission
To develop each student to his or her fullest potential, producing an educated and caring individual who is adaptable and innovative with a zest for living a full, productive and spiritually meaningful life, contributing much to the well-being of Singapore and giving loyal service to the country

Our Crest
The school crest is designed in a stylised ‘F’ to represent the name of the school and the flame of the truth. The three little steps beside the flame signify that truth is not always easy to express and must therefore be taken “step-by-step”. The red colour of the crest symbolizes courage to uphold the school motto “TRUE TO SELF”.

Our Motto
The school motto ‘True to Self’ urges students to imbibe the qualities of honesty and moral integrity. It is an expression of the one true quality that governs the students’ behavior in all aspects of school life and beyond. To develop caring and responsible leaders of tomorrow, our students must be truthful and upright citizens.

Our Vision
The school vision was ‘Always Learning and Always Growing’.


“IT for the first time in teaching”



Fuchun set up the first Lower Secondary Macintosh laboratory. Teachers used IT for the first time in teaching Mathematics. Students went through an IT programme where they learned to use MacDraw, Word and Excel programmes.


Fuchun was placed second for value-addedness in the Special/Express stream among 139 secondary schools in the first ranking of schools by the Ministry of Education.

Fuchun participated for the first time in the Singapore Youth Festival with a mass dance by the Lower Secondary girls. They also performed at the National Day Celebrations.

The first school newsletter, the Fuchun News was produced and circulated in January.


Fuchun students made a special delivery to their cherished teacher and Vice-Principal Miss Aileen Lau, who was battling cancer. This inspired her to write the poem ‘One Thousand Paper Cranes’ that was later published in her collection of poems ‘Face to Faith’ and recited on a programme.

One Thousand Paper Cranes

By Miss Aileen Lau
One thousand paper cranes
You said the class would make.
I smiled at your earnestness.
“That’s the number for good luck
According to a Japanese legend,”
You piped on:
“And cranes symbolise long life.”
That touched me to the core –
Having been twice struck by cancer.
“We will make you one thousand cranes!”
“You will get better,”
You promised with all your might.

At home recuperating, I imagine
All forty-two pairs of hands busy
Manly hands cutting tiny squares of colour
Under the dark brown desks
While heads look up in attention
And gentle caring feminine fingers
Folding each square intricately
To form the delicate crane

A visit for Teachers’ Day
And I’m given a big yellow bag.
Opening it I find
One thousand tiny colourful paper cranes.
My eyes filled with tears
You kept your promise.
My heart bursts with hope
I will get better.

Fuchun and Mrs Ngiam were featured in the maiden issue of the ‘Care Connection’, a newsletter published by the Pastoral Care and Career Guidance Section of the Ministry of Education. The article had a headline that read “You are loved at Fuchun”, which described Fuchun as a ‘typical neighbourhood school’ where pupils were fortunate to be ‘cherished by the principal, teachers and schoolmates’.


There were many improvements in the teaching facilities. Each classroom was installed with a television and a video-cassette recorder.

In April, the school mourned the loss of her Vice-Principal, Miss Aileen Lau, who succumbed to cancer. An English and Literature teacher, she had a distinguished teaching and research career. In 1993, she was awarded the National Day Efficiency Medal. Today we remember her for her unceasing efforts and great commitment in teaching the students of Fuchun. We commemorate this exceptional teacher by awarding annually the Aileen Lau Book Prize to students who demonstrate a commendable love for reading.


This was the year when the school initiated work experience for our students. A group of Secondary Three students worked with the Singapore Zoological Gardens during the November holidays. Since then, our students have had the opportunity to be involved in work experience at Baxter Healthcare Private Limited.


“The Most Improved Neighbourhood School”


The school bade farewell to Mrs Ngiam, who joined East Secondary school and welcomed Mr Johari Mohd Rais as the new principal. Fuchun had the distinction of being awarded the title of “The Most Improved Neighbourhood School” in . A booming student population made it necessary for the school to function in two sessions for the first time. The school also celebrated her 10th anniversary with the staging of the dance drama entitled “Kojiki”. The dance movements of Kojiki mirrored the life of students in Fuchun. The movements symbolized the periods of harmony and discord, similar to the episodes of struggles and conflicts students experience in pursuit of their goals.


The piling work for the extension block began in August 1997 and construction began in December that year.


The extension building was completed in November 1998. The extension block boasts 2 full computer labs, 3 IT-enabled rooms, 9 classrooms, 6 special rooms and 3 CCA rooms. The extension block provides the necessary infrastructure support to manage and use of IT for enhancing students’ knowledge, skills and experience.


The school went on a single session in January 1999 with a total of 38 classrooms.

Millenium (2000-2005)

“Leaders. Learners. Explorers”



The first annual school magazine was produced to chronicle the aspirations and endeavours of the school. The year also marked the official opening of the Performing Arts Studio by SAC Chairman, Mr Phillip Lee.


The school bade farewell to Mr Johari Mohd Rais and welcomed Mrs Chuah-Koh Eng Ngoh as the new principal.

Fuchun Concert Band performed at the Victoria Concert Hall on presenting Fuchun Symphonica II.


Fuchun Student Creed was initiated and introduced to the school. This Creed was conceptualized by the student leaders and refined by the teachers.

Our Student Creed

We are Fuchun students, special and unique.
We are compassionate, caring and upright.
We respect others and myself.
We are diligent and seek to excel.
We are loyal to our school and nation.
We are Fuchun students and this is our Creed.


The school launched the CDP (Character Development Programme).

The programme aims to develop our students into ‘’ students who are well-rounded individuals with high self-esteem. ‘STAR’ students are good team players who seek to bring out the best in others. They are good leaders grounded in strong values and are committed to the society and nation. They are excellent role models and are the best that they can be.

It is a 4/5-year programme and there are 5 main areas : Leadership, Citizenship, Lifeskills, Service & Co-curricular Activities.

The Logo

The figure of a student on the left becomes the figure of a ‘STAR’ student on the right. A bold and bright star is emblazoned in the heart of this ‘STAR’ student and represents the ‘STAR’ qualities in the Character Development Programme.


School Vision:  A Learner, A Leader, An Explorer

Mission: To bring out the best in our students and nurture them to become individuals with integrity, a passion for learning, a spirit of innovation and compassion for others in the pursuit of excellence.

School Values: I CARE Integrity, Camaraderie, Adaptability, Responsibility and Excellence


The school celebrated its 20th anniversary entitled ‘Celebrating our STARS’ which is a fitting tribute to the school leaders, staff, students, members of our school advisory committee and partners for their unwavering support.


The Mother Tongue Department embarked on a Cultural Immersion Programme, as part of the school’s Twinning Programme, to Zhongde School in Beijing City, China. It aims to promote mutual sharing and quality interaction between the two schools and two cultures.

The school bade farewell to Mrs Chuah-Koh Eng Ngoh and welcomed Miss Ranjit Kaur Dhaliwal to take over the helm.

The school achieved the Sustained Achievement Award (Sports).


The school focussed greatly on student and staff development. As part of holistic development and experiential learning of students, the Humanities and Physical Education departments embarked on a Cultural Exchange Programme to Perth Australia. Likewise, the English and Science Departments collaborated on an inaugural trip to the United Kingdom (UK), opening a new horizon where learning takes place beyond the classroom.

As part of the school's effort to build staff capacity, the HOD PE/CCA went on a ten-week enhanced Professional Development Leave. The enriching learning experience and insights he gained from his educational journey has helped him to develop a greater understanding and confidence in carrying out interesting and exciting programmes for the holistic development of students.

Mdm Elizabeth Wen Kai Fong, LH/English attended a programme on Management and Leadership in
schools (MLS) at the National Institute of Education.

The school was awarded the Sustained Achievement Award for SPORTS (2nd Award).



The school attained remarkable achievements in the following areas:
    • Value-added performance (Bronze) for the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations for Secondary 5 Normal Academic
    • Achievement Awards (Uniformed Groups)
    • Achievement Award (Aesthetics)
    • CHERISH Award (Silver)
    • Singapore Youth Festival Achievements
      • Chinese Dance (Gold)
      • Malay Dance (Silver)
      • Indian Dance (Silver)
      • Modern Dance (Bronze)
      • Guzheng Ensemble (Silver)
      • The Concert Band (Bronze)


Fuchun continues to achieve:

GCE 'O' Level
Value Added - Express (Silver)
Normal Academic (Bronze)

Sustained Achievement Award (Sports)
4th Award
National Sepak Takraw 'C' Boys - 1st
National Sepak Takraw 'B' Boys - 2nd
North Zone Sepak Takraw 'C' Boys - 1st
North Zone Soccer 'C' Boys - 4th

Achievement Award (Uniformed Groups)
National Police Cadet Corps - Gold
Boys' Brigade - Silver
National Cadet Corps - Bronze

National Day Awards
National Day Efficiency Medal: Mdm Rajinee Devi
National Day Long Service Award: Mdm Hanim Ali


Fuchun celebrates 25 years of Quality Education
Guest of Honour: Mr Hawazi Daipi
Senior Parliamentary Secretary
Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower

2011, another year of commendable achievements:

GCE 'O' Level Value Added Results:
Express & Normal Academic with top student achieving 9 Distinctions

Sustained Achievement Award - (Sports) 5th Award
National Schools Inter-regu (Sepak Takraw) 'C' Boys - 1st
North Zone Sepak Takraw 'C' Boys - 1st
North Zone Sepak Takraw 'B' Boys - 2nd
North Zone Soccer 'C' Boys - 4th
National Wei Qi Tournament Junior Category - 3rd

Achievement Award (Uniformed Groups)
Boys' Brigade - Gold
National Cadet Corps (Land Boys) - Silver
National Police Cadet Corps (Land) - Bronze
Girl Guides - Bronze
Girls' Brigade - Bronze

Staff Achievements
MOE Innergy Award (C&T) - GOLD
PS 21 Best Project Award
People Developer Standard

National Day Award
National Day Efficiency Medal:  Mdm Tan Suay Ling


Fuchun won the MOE INNERGY Gold Award for its project: 'Isogrid Ruler' and 5 of your students broke the Guinness World Record by partcipating in the creation of a Rangoli Art organized by Marsiling Community Club.


We clinched the Lotus Award for the SEC's Schools' Green Audit Award yet again as well as the Gold Award for the NEA 3R Awards. Another proud moment was winning the North West Community Development Council(NWCDC) Outstanding Partner Bronze Award.


The school achieved the highest honour of the Schools Green Audit - Lotus Sustained Achievement Award and the Singapore Environment Achievement Award. Fuchun continues to actualize the aspiration of an environmentally caring school. 2014 was also a proud phase in Fuchun's life as we gave birth to its first mascot, EON, on 17th January.


Fuchun received the Excellent Service Award(EXSA). In addition, it also won the North West CDC Outstanding School Partner Silver Award.


Fuchun celebrated its 30th Anniversary, aptly themed 'A Distinguished Past, A Distinctive Future.' We also danced our way into the Singapore Book of Records for the longest duration of Zumba. 234 students and teachers danced away for 4 hours to our very own Fuchun Dance routines.



Under the tier 2 ALP, the school participated in the Singapore Maker Extravaganza at Science Centre Singapore on 22 and 23 July 2017. The robot booth manned by our students was highlighted by Straits Times online, titled "It is far more valuable today to create and make things than just be a consumer" on 22 July.

Fuchun was also awarded the NWCDC Outstanding School Partner Gold Award for its extensive involvement in programs organised by the NWCDC. It was a proud year as our green efforts led to the achievement of the Bronze North West Green Living Award 2017. This award is given to the top 3 schools in the nation who have demonstrated dedication to the green effort through Green programs in their schools.