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Integrated Project Work is a collaborative curriculum of the English Language, CCE Departments. IPW facilitates students in preparation for Upper Secondary, by inculcating the spirit of inquiry in our students in Secondary 2. The inquiry methodology of IPW reinforces the school’s vision for every student to be ‘A Learner, A Leader and An Explorer’. IPW seeks to strengthen students’ 21st centurcompetencies through applied learning experiences and the equipping of life-skills through its collaborative nature. IPW aims to provide opportunities in the following areas:

  1. To train students to be confident communicators, self-directed learners and team collaborators
  2. To help students make connections across different disciplines (EL and Service to School)
  3. To instil in students a sense of belonging to the school by having a voice in identify the needs of the school and implementing changes that will benefit the school community.

Integrated Curriculum

Project Planning Phase

Students are presented with a problem, to identify a school need and present a proposal for an improvement to benefit the school population. Students during their EL lessons are taught the fundamentals of writing a good proposal and verbal presentation. The top 2 presentations per class are shortlisted to be presented to the Principal who selects one of the proposals to be implemented as a class.

Project Implementation Phase

The selected proposal is implemented with the collaboration and involvement of the entire class. Students are re-grouped to assume different roles for the successful implementation of the project. The school ICARE values are re-enforced throughout the implementation phase.

Though the Project Work Assessment is only meant for the Secondary 2 Express and Normal Academic Students, the Normal Technical students experience the entire project planning and project implementation phase as well.


Project Planning - EL (40%)
Peer Evaluation10%Rubrics by EL Dept
EL Teacher Evaluation15%Rubrics by EL Dept
 Group Written Proposal - Language & Group work15%  
Project Implementation - CCE/VIA (60%)
Idea & Proposal - Marks obtained by all groups when GPs select the top 2 projects. Students will receive their respective group marks.10%Rubrics by VIA Team
Peer Evaluation (Based on the Execution Teams) - Camaraderie (ability to work well with each other, contributes his/her part, keeps to deadlines, team player etc)10%Rubrics by VIA Team
GP evaluation on every student based on their involvement in the execution - Adaptability, Camaraderie, Excellence (Keeping to deadlines, on task etc)20%  Rubrics by VIA Team
Project Reflection - Can be in the form of scrap book, PPT slides, chart etc (Choice of students)

Reflection will be based on some guiding questions given. Reflection is on the execution of the project - teamwork (camaraderie), how they adapted to the project though it was not their idea that was selected (adaptability), the process of the execution, their role, how their project impacted the school community etc.
 20% Rubrics by VIA Team