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Fuchun Stories


Come and be introduced to Coding! At Fuchun Sec Sch, our Secondary 1 students learn to code with Scratch, a visual coding platform, and experience working with industry professionals from IMDA and Science Centre.

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Each week, our school computer labs transform into playgrounds where students put on their thinking caps and get creative to make robots do their bidding. Fuchun robots come ALIVE! These whirring tiny machines, pack in a meaningful punch as they obediently march to clean water bodies of any floating waste. Did you that they can grove to the beat too or bend it like Beckham? Indeed the sky's the limit for what our students' innovative spirits.

In the true spirit of innovation, as aptly mentioned by our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, "It is far more valuable to create things than just being a consumer." In the same thread, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Innovations in Science & Technology for Sustainability, opens up an array of exciting opportunities to challenge our students' creativity.

Learning is through a continuous cycle of designing, implementing, testing and innovating until their designed designs take form. Obstacles are certain, but they certainly will shape the students's resilience and determination. This forms the foundation of STEM's aims which focuses on skills, knowledge and confidence. Fuchun students are readied to be valuable employees in an ever-changing global workforce.

"These are things which I cannot learn in a classroom." - Sew Zee Cheen (4 Eisenhower, 2018)

Fuchun's ALP zooms into the 3 I's of Inquisitiveness, Imagination and Interconnections, in order to bring out the creative potential in our students.

  • All Secondary 1 students learn basic coding and programming using Scratch 2.0
  • In Secondary 2, students engage in digital making using microbits to solve real-world problems on sustainability. They build fall-sensors to detect an elderly's fall, and auto plant-watering systems.

To broaden the applied learning opportunities for our students to experience STEM learning in fun and meaningful ways, FCS also partners the Information and Media Development Authority (IMDA), Home-Fix XPC, Dream Catchers and Singapore Science Centre, amongst other industry professionals.