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School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) comprises working professionals, grassroots leaders and alumni of the school.  It provides advisory and support for the school’s programmes and major events.  The SAC facilitates work attachments and learning opportunities for students at private organisations and community platforms, as well as school-and-community collaborations such as Marsiling Community Day 2016.  Its members grace the school’s major functions like Prize Presentation Day and Teachers’ Day Celebrations.

Mr Tan Mern Hau.jpg
Mr Francis Tan Mern Hau 
Mr Muhamad Azrin Bin Abdullah.JPG
Mr Muhamad Azrin Bin Abdullah

Alvin Loh Teck Loon.png
Mr Alvin Loh Teck Loon
Mr David Soh.jpg
Mr Soh Choon Peng, David, PBM
Mr Ivan Wong.jpg
Mr Wong Liang Seng Ivan
Mdm  Foo Tiew Mwee.jpg
Mdm Foo Tiew Mwee