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Do you miss your alma mater?
Fuchun Secondary welcomes you to join us to be part of our Alummi Team
I - Interact with your former schoolmates/teachers    
C - Care for and contribute to alma mater
A - Actively involve in school activities
R - Reminisce your good old days
E - Enjoy the past memories, present and future happenings with us

Drop an email to alummi@fcs.edu.sg and you will hear from us soon.

You may also reconnect with us via our Facebook page.

Alumni Core Committee

  • Richard Heng
  • Joel Liang Heng Jia
  • Francis Tan
  • David Soh

Programmes details

Alumni Visitation Guidelines
We welcome all ex-students of Fuchun Secondary School to return to the school premises to visit the teachers as well as to contribute/participate in our school activities.  However, there is also a need to ensure that normal school operations is not affected.  Student and staff safety remains as the school's priority. 

Please read our Alumni Visitation Guidelines before you visit.