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Environmental Programme

Our Vision

Fuchun Secondary, an Environmentally Caring School. 

The Fuchun school community and various stakeholders showed their commitment in conducting its programmes, activities and operations in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Programmes impacting the school community can be categorised into mainly two groups: Curriculum and Co-curriculum. 


Here environmental awareness were explicitly taught in the Science and Geography syllabus.  Students acted on being environmentally caring through by participating in the weekly Recycling Challenge Programme.  The Green Club members advocated on care for the environment by giving sharing on green messages weekly during the morning assembly.  The sharing was on  environmental issues such as:
  • Energy saving
  • Water conservation
  • Waste management and recycling 
  • Green living


The Green Club programme took the centrestage in green movement in the school.  The activities in the club allowed the students to heighten their awareness of biodiversity and environmental issues such as water resources through visits to places like Sungei Buloh and Marina Barrage.  

Environmentally focussed activities are not exclusive to the CCA group.  The other CCA groups further strengthened our conviction towards being environmentally caring by incorporating green activities as part of the CCA VIA programmes.  In addition, special groups participated in environmentally-related competitions and events.   

The school also worked with partners outside the school, such as NParks, WWF, NWCDC as its students had spread the value of being environmentally minded with much joy to the members of public. For example, during the Northwest Clean & Green Workshop Programme and R Cube project. Staff of Fuchun took part in a nature walk facilitated by its own staff, while NParks also shared on the value of nature parks designated as buffer zones for the central nature reserves. This was much welcomed by the NParks as they engaged the school for other projects in the following year. 

As a school policy, all printed materials were defaulted for double-sided printing and printing requests had to be approved by the school leaders.

Teachers in charge of Green Club:

  • Ms Leow Lea Ching,
  • Mr Philemon Foo

School Environmental Rep:

  • Mdm Rohizan Talib

S/NTitle of Programme/EventDescription
   School Programmes  
1Recycling ChallengeA weekly activity where students and staff participate in recycling of papers and plastics bottles.  The participation rate is tallied weekly and top classes who brought the highest no. of recycling materials (by weight) are recognised on monthly basis. 
2Green Message
One day of the week was allocated as a Green Day. For 2019, Every Friday is a Green day.  Staff wear green coloured clothes and green club members will share green messages to the whole school.  This programme has been a school tradition for the past 6 years.
 3Bright Spots Plus Daily routines of cleaning classroom.  Classes which fulfil the criteria are given a star. 
 4Assembly Talk by WWF An assembly talk on Climate Change was given to the whole school 
 5 Youth For the Environment Day 2018The students attended the session to gain better understanding of environmental issues and what they can do about the environment. During the YED week, booths were set up during recess to promote the love for the environment. 
 6Pledge against Climate Change Climate Action Panel Display All students went online to pledge against Climate Change. A booth was also set up in canteen to help increase students' awareness of the project. 
 7FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2018 Old textbooks were donated by the students and were sent to one of the NTUC outlet by a staff. 
     Green Club Activities
 1Recycling Art
Students were taught how to make pencil holders, flowers and other artwork using old magazines and newspapers and plastic bags.
 2 Visit to Sungei BulohGreen Club members went for a guided walk at Sungei Buloh appreciate the biodiversity in the nature reserve.
 3Return Your Tray CampaignStudents act as ambassadors to encourage the customers to return their trays after their meal at Marsiling Mall
 4Visit To Marina BarrageThe Green Club members visited Marina Barrage as part of World Water Day Celebration
 5North West Environmental Regional
workshop cum Green Living Awards Ceremony 2018
2 Green Club members shared about Bright Spots Programme during the Workshop
 6Earth Day Youth Competition4 students joined in the competition organised by ACE The Place CC, which required them to collect recyclables in the morning and upcycling in the afternoon.
 7Reduce @ NW All the Sec 4 students did an outreach to the residents near the school and shared tips on how to reduce usage of electricity,water and food waste.
 8Panasonic-NEA Environment Champions (School) Industry Module The students had a tour in the factory and attended a Solar Hybrid Car Workshop.
 9WWF Climate Change workshopThrough this programme, the students will be able to set up a climate action team, learn carbon calculation for climate action, and take climate action.
 10Outing To Gardens By the Bay Students visited the flower dome and cloud forest.
 11Northwest Clean & Green Workshop ProgrammeThe students and one staff shared the upcycling skill with the residents at Yew Tee Point
     Specialised Programmes
 1Green Wave Environmental
Care Competition 2018
The competition inculcate awareness and motivate students to gain a sense of personal and group responsibility for their own environment and in the process, learn how to reason, think critically and act to protect it in a balanced way. 
 2R Cube ProjectSec 1 students shared ideas for 3Rs with family members as part of their Values In Action Project.
 3Food Waste Composting
This programme educate students on Waste Management and the Effects of Waste on the Environment. 

Food waste was converted into compost for usage in the school's Explorers garden
 4Nature WalkSome staff went to Windsor Nature Park for a nature walk.
 5Community Garden Training
A free 16 hour workshop over two days that covers professional methods of horticulture, which includes plant care, propagation, soil improvement etc.

Has theory and practical portions and is conducted by a certified horticulturalist


  • Northwest Green Living Awards 2019 - Sliver
  • Northwest Green Living Awards 2018 - Bronze
  • School Green Audit Award (SGA) 2018 -  Yellow Flame Award


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Recycling ChallengeGreen Message
2018.3.jpg  2018.4.jpg
 Bright Spots @ NWRecycling Art Workshop 
 2018.5.jpg 2018.6.jpg
 Visit to Sungei BulohReturn Your Tray Campaign 
 2018.7.jpg 2018.8.jpg
Visit To Marina Barrage North West Environmental Regional workshop cum Green Living Awards Ceremony 2018 
 2018.9.jpg 2018.10.jpg
Assembly Talk by WWF Youth For the Environment Day 2018 
 2018.11.jpg 2018.12.jpg
 Earth Day Youth CompetitionReduce @ NW 
 2018.13.jpg 2018.14.jpg
Panasonic-NEA Environment Champions (School) Industry Module WWF Climate Change workshop 
Outing To Gardens By the Bay
 2018.16.jpg 2018.17.jpg
 Northwest Clean & Green Workshop Programme 
   Community Garden Training
   Pledge against Climate Change Climate Action Panel Display
 2018.21.jpg 2018.22.jpg
 Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2018Food Waste Composting 
 2018.23.jpg 2018.24.jpg
 FairPrice Share-A-Textbook 2018 Nature Walk