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Crest, Motto & Song


True to self

The school crest is designed in a stylised "F" to represent the name of the school and the flame of truth.

The three little steps beside the flame signify that truth is not always easy to express and must therefore be taken "step-by-step".

The red colour of the crest symbolises courage to speak the truth.

School Song 

Upon the shoulders of all
Rest the task of discerning truth
And remaining true to oneself
In all we say and do
Say and do

Fuchun, you're our guide and mentor
Within your boundaries we extend our horizon
With what we learn
To prepare us for what's beyond
Fuchun, you're our guiding star
(Fuchun, you're our guiding star)
We pledge to serve as one
Along the pathway of Honour and Truth
And to serve with loyalty to school and nation

Repeat chorus