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Principal's Foreword

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I would like to impress you on the factors to success. I’d like to share what I read in Oscar Nowik's (Author/Blogger) post. He started by stating that some people say it’s resources, luck, background or connections that create successful people. But I believe that to influence the path of every individual, the most important contributing factor is self-belief. Without this key ingredient, there’s not a lot that could help you.

“The biggest difference I’ve noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources. It’s the belief that they can make their goals happen.” - James Clear

Many a times we will experience procrastination, self-doubt, negative thinking, anxiety and so on. The sure-fire way to overcome these obstacles is to not believe in them and truly believe in yourself and what you can achieve.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? 

Honestly, if you don’t believe you’re going to succeed, then how on earth would anybody else do? If you cannot trust yourself to do the things you set out to do, who will?

Imagine living a life without arms and legs. This is the reality of Nick Vujicic. Most people including himself doubted his ability to live a normal life. He even attempted suicide. The moment he found belief, however, was the turning point.

Now, Nick lives a life without limitations, travelling the world and inspiring millions of people to believe in themselves, regardless of circumstances. 

You inspire yourself to take action.

When you experience little successes, you are highly motivated to work toward your goal. You know it’s doable and within your reach, so you attempt until you finally get there. There is no daydreaming, wishes alone but the effort to take action to realise your goals.

Michael Jordan failed countless times. As he admits, he missed thousands of shots and lost hundreds of games. However, he realised that’s part of the process so he used it as a driving force to work even harder. He also emphasises it’s failure that enabled him huge success.

Jordan’s attitude is something everyone should borrow. When you fail over and over again, be aware that you are just getting closer to a triumph. 

You form positive attitude required to success.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” - Winston Churchill

Being negative and visioning the worst scenario is the easiest way to never achieve your goals. Due to self-belief, your attitude becomes the right one. There’s no way to convince a man with the wrong mindset that he can. Same goes for telling people with a positive attitude that they can’t. It’s like water off a duck’s back, they don’t hear the negative talk from the naysayers.

You realise failure is part of the process and temporary.

Niklas Hed together with his mobile game development team created 51 games and all of  them were failures. This, however, enabled them to build Angry Birds, an app that dominated the app store and became a world wide phenomenon.

Now, when you experience nothing but constant failure, don’t give up, maybe the next attempt is your pivotal moment.

However all of us have limited time to make a change and be the difference. I urge you to not be burdened by failures but to quickly get up and conquer failure with positive energy and renewed confidence. 

You let the negative thoughts fade away

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” - Willie Nelson

How many times did you tell yourself you can’t? I used to do it way too often. Finding an excuse that seems reasonable is incredibly easy, since our brains love to rationalise.

By feeding your brain with positive thinking and self-belief affirmations, you create no space for pessimistic thoughts. And even when they arrive from time to time, your confident attitude beats them instantly.

The Success Mindset

Another writer, Jenny Marchal, goes on to describe what could possibly lead to Success. Success in achieving our goals comes down to a ‘success mindset’. Successful mindsets are those focused on victory, based on positive mental attitudes, empowering inclinations and good habits. Acquiring a success mindset is the sure-fire way to dramatically increase your chance to achieve your goals. I like that she brings to the fore the possibility of everyone achieving success as we follow suit those with the success mindset. The ingredients spelt out includes effort, good habits and empowering goals.

The placebo effect is a perfect example of how mindset really can be powerful. In scientific trials, a group of participants were told they received medication that will heal an ailment but were actually given a sugar pill that does nothing (the placebo). Yet after the trial the participants believed it’s had a positive effect – sometimes even cured their ailment even though nothing has changed. This is the power of mindset.

For centuries experts said that running a mile in under 4 minutes was humanly impossible. On the 6th May 1954, Rodger Bannister did just that. As part of his training, Bannister relentlessly visualised the achievement, believing he could accomplish what everyone said wasn’t possible… and he did it.

What’s more amazing is that, as soon as Bannister achieved the 4-minute mile, more and more people also achieved it. How was this possible after so many years of no one achieving it? Because in people’s minds it was suddenly possible – once people knew that it was achievable it created a mindset of success and now, after over fifty years since Bannister did the ‘impossible’, his record has been lowered by 17 seconds – the power of the success mindset!

 So for the community that resides in Fuchun, let’s all build this mindset and fuel one another to achieve our best in this coming year 2019.

Mrs Doris Lim
Principal, Fuchun Secondary School