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Principal's Foreword

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As we draw into the start of another decade, let’s set ourselves a vision to be realized by the end of the year. At least, let’s be able to reflect and designate a stand point to what we achieve and how well we have planned the year.

Our school’s motto is “True to Self”. This is an expression to urge you to be true to your conscience, because it is one of many important factors to help you become successful.

By success, I do not mean achieving straight distinctions nor winning every competition you join, even though we must agree that it feels good to outperform everyone else. The philosophy of success requires a whole new level of thinking – a paradigm based on principles and that is character-based. By this, I mean that it is about how we think, and what we do and say, that defines who we are, and therefore, whether we are a successful person or not. 

A successful person is effective – they set realistic goals and achieve them. They set out to do something and they get those things done. 

To be effective, a successful person must therefore, be disciplined. This means they focus on doing the right things, and are able to postpone or delay their need for instant gratification. For example, a successful student will set aside time to finish his assignment first, even if he feels like playing computer games. 

This is because a successful person is also responsible. They accept ownership of their own thoughts, words and actions. When they make a mistake, they take responsibility for their mistakes and take the necessary steps to make amendments. When they make a promise, they carry out their promise faithfully. A responsible person is socially connected to others because they care about the impact of their deeds and words on others. In return, they gain respect and trust. 

Because they are effective, disciplined and responsible, successful people are also confident. They understand their priorities, and they know their beliefs are built on sound values that are fair, humane and kind. When faced with disagreements, confident and successful individuals will reason with the other party, and be able to explain themselves to convince the other person. 

Finally, a successful person is true to self. When you are true to yourself, when you are effective, disciplined, responsible and confident, you feel happy and assured. Only then can you achieve your potential. 

Be your potential.  Help the people around you achieve their potential. Success is therefore not measured singularly but by the yard-stick we determined that define us. Together, we can be the best we can be in the year 2020.

Mrs Doris Lim
Principal, Fuchun Secondary School