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Mother Tongue


A gracious and loyal citizen grounded with strong school values and equipped with effective communication skill.


To mould our students into becoming more refined citizens with sound moral values to have a better appreciation of their respective cultures.


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HOD Mother Tongue: Mr Lim Swee Beng

Coordinator / IC:
  • Chinese Coordinator - Mr Lim Swee Beng (HOD Mother Tongue)
  • Malay Coordinator -  Ms Erfasiah Abd Rahim
  • Tamil Coordinator - Mr V. Pachaiperumal
  • ICT Champions -  Mdm Chew Siew Keng, Ms Annelis Nur'ain Haris

Chinese Language Teachers:
  • Mr Lim Swee Beng (HOD Mother Tongue)
  • Ms Chivelle Tay Sze Ing (Assistant Year Head, Sec 2)
  • Mr Zhang Ming (Data Manager)
  • Mr Honda Gan Hong Tat
  • Ms Leow Lea Ching
  • Mdm Chew Siew Keng
  • Mdm Xu Ping
  • Mrs Jasmine Boo-Tan Ping Ping (PTTS)

Malay Language Teachers:
  • Ms Erfasiah Abd Rahim (Malay Language Coordinator)
  • Mdm Hafiza Yahya (SH Aesthetics)
  • Mdm Ruzana Awalludin
  • Ms Nadzerah Mohamed Jufri
  • Ms Annelis Nur'ain Haris
  • Ms Siti Nadzirah Hamzah
  • Mr Suhaini Sarikon (PTTS)
  • Mdm Noorhayati Mohamad Turut (Flexi Adjunct)

Tamil Language Teachers:
  • Mr V. Pachaiperumal
  • Mr David Sagayaraj

Programmes for 2018

S/N Programmes Month Target Group Enrichment/Curriculum
Chinese Language
1 CNY Learning Journey to Marina Floating Platform Feb Selected Sec 3 Students Enrichment
2Chinese CalligraphyFebSec 1Enrichment
3 Chinese Water Painting Feb Sec 2 Enrichment
4 Chinese Carving Feb Sec 3 Enrichment
5 Tea Appreciation Feb Sec 4/5 Enrichment
6Performance Show
AprSec 2/3Enrichment
7Performance Show
"War of Tomatoes"
AprSec 1Enrichment
8Performance Show
"Disappearance of Moon"
JulSec 2Enrichment
Malay Language
 1 Traditional Malay Cuisine Workshop Feb Sec 1E/1NA/2E Enrichment
2 Batik Workshop Feb Sec 1NT/2NT Enrichment
3 Journalism Workshop Feb Sec 3E Enrichment
4 Drama Workshop Feb Sec 3NA Enrichment
5 Dikir Barat Traditional Malay Art Form Workshop Feb Sec 3NT Enrichment
6 Angklung Traditional Music Workshop Feb Sec 4NT Enrichment
7Debating and Critical Thinking WorkshopTerm 2Sec 4E/5NAEnrichment
8Creative Thinking WorkshopTerm 2Sec 4NAEnrichment
Tamil Language
1 Learning Journey to Little India Heritage Centre Feb Sec 1 Enrichment
2 Learning Journey to Gems Factory Feb Sec 2 Enrichment
3 Non-Residential Camp Feb Sec 1 - 3 Enrichment


Chinese Language
  • National Story Writing Competition (1 Sec 3E student) -  1 1 st Prize & 1 Outstanding
  • National Essay Writing Competition (2 Sec 2E students)
  • National Drama Appreciation Workshop Cum Competition
  • National Chinese Calligraphy (Pen) Competition (6 Sec 3E students)
  • Script It Right (1 Sec 3E student)
  • CL idioms Competition (14 students)
  • National Chinese Calligraphy (Pen) Competition (4 Sec 3E students) (Final)
Malay Language
  • National Chinese Calligraphy (Pen) Competition (4 Sec 3E students) (Final)
  • Class Essay Writing Competition (Lower Sec)
  • Tamil Language
    • Class Essay Writing Competition
    • Pongal festival Celebrations
      • Beauty Queen Contest - 2nd Prize
      • Sugarcane Eating -2nd Prize
      • Jippa Contest - 2nd Prize
      • Garland Making - 3rd Prize
      • Kolam - 3rd Prize
    • National TL Camp at UPTLC
    • National Creative Writing competition
    • N7 TL Creating An E-Book Competition  -    1 st , 2 nd   & 3 rd Prize
    • N7 TL Creating Tamil Animation Story Competition - 1st, 2nd  & 3rd Prize
    • N7 TL Creating Tamil Animation Story Competition - 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Consolation Prize
    • N7 TL Short Film Making Competition  - 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Consolation Prize
    • TL Song Singing Competition