Secondary 5

Time Period Lessons
Lesson Objectives
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
Understanding Romantic Relationships
Semester 1
Term 1 Week 08
22 - 26 Feb
(60 Mins)
Love Conquers All
  • Reflect on the qualities of a healthy romantic relationship.
  • Evaluate one's readiness for a romantic relationship, leading to marriage.
  • Recognise that intimacy in a relationship need not be limited to physical intimacy.
  • Recognise that breakups can allow one to understand oneself better.
Values in a Relationship
Semester 1
Term 1 Week 10
08 - 12 Mar
(60 Mins)
Lessons About Love - Main Task
  • Surface values that are deemed important with regard to relationships.
  • Appreciate that supportive and enduring relationships among friends and families enrich one's life.