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Direct School Admission

The DSA-Sec Exercise by MOE allows schools to select a percentage of Sec 1 students for admission outside of the centralised posting system, via the own school admission criteria, which may include diverse academic and non-academic achievements and talents. For students, the DSA-Sec Exercise provides them the opportunity to demonstrate a more diverse range of achievements and talents in seeking admission to schools who conduct this exercise.

We are conducting the DSA exercise for both our Distinctive Programmes, Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – ‘Values through Dance’, and Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – ‘Innovations in Science & Technology for Sustain-Ability’.  We warmly welcome students who are keen to develop their interest and talents in dance or in robotics and programming while pursuing their education in Fuchun Secondary School.

Learning for Life Programme: 'Values through Dance'

Dance is a creative and expressive art that integrates thinking, movements and feelings. It cultivates appreciation for the aesthetics and cultures, develops useful life skills and stretches the bodies and minds of our young. Beyond our school values of integrity, camaraderie, adaptability, responsibility and excellence, our LLP seeks to inculcate values, such as creative expression, collaboration, cultural understanding, confidence and the like.

There will be many exciting programmes and platforms for the student to learn the skills and knowledge through appreciation, exposure and experimentation. There will be arts showcases, foundation dance modules, assembly programmes, overseas learning journeys, camps and talent development programmes, including opportunities for external performances, etc. We also have 4 dance CCAs; namely, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance, Indian Dance, and Modern Dance and other complementary CCAs such as Guzheng, Choir, Concert Band and Lion Dance. Most importantly we are certain that the student will thoroughly enjoy these varied and enriching platforms and relish the many precious moments he or she experiences.

Through our unique distinctive programme, we hope to see the student grow to be someone who is a gracious, creative, constantly learning, reflective, and striving individual yet a socially competent, collaborative, team player, inundated with the integrity and responsibility to give back to the community and society.

In 2016, Fuchun Secondary broke the Singapore Book of Records with 234 staff and students dancing the Zumba over a 4-hour period.  In 2017, our 4 dance CCAs achieved the following accolades at the SYF Arts Presentation:

Malay Dance and Indian Dance – Certificate of Distinction

Chinese Dance and Modern Dance – Certificate of Accomplishment

Applied Learning Programme: 'Innovations in Science & Technology for Sustain-Ability'

Our ALP is anchored on creating the student’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and developing it further to pursue his / her career in related fields in the future.

Modelling and simulation through programming in a sustainable environment will hopefully mould the student into an intellectually curious, inquiring and imaginative team player and a problem solver steeped in values with an interest in the application of the sciences and technology in the real world for sustainable work, play and living.

The student will learn basic programming such as Scratch before moving on to apply their knowledge in mastering simple robotics such as mBots, a friendly entry-level robot that allows the student to express ideas while helping him / her develop logical thinking and problem solving through colourful and modularised drag and drop graphical blocks without the need to write difficult codes and programming language. 3D printing will also be part of the experience where the student learns how to programme the printer to produce exciting 3D prints.

Beyond learning journeys, the student will also get the opportunity to be involved in related CCAs that have garnered a number of outstanding accolades in competitions:

2017 South Zone Millennium Challenge
  • Propeller Vehicle Category (Distance & Speed) - 1st and 2nd place
  • Motorized Vehicle Category (Speed) - 1st place
  • Motorized Vehicle Category (Design) - 3rd place 2017
  • Overall School Category - Champion

Singapore Youth Flying Club
Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC)
  • Cat B Aesthetic Award 2017 – 1st & 2nd


Applicants must be born between

2 Jan 2002 and 1 Jan 2007 (for Singapore citizen / Singapore permanent resident), or

2 Jan 2004 and 1 Jan 2007 (for International Students)

Our Selection Criteria

Learning for Life Programme

Applied Learning Programme

1.    Good conduct in primary 6 or last attended school

2.    Participation and level of representation in dance performances in school and / or outside school, including possible achievements

2. Achievement of at least a B in either Mathematics or Science at the PSLE (or equivalent)

3.    Qualification(s) in dance talent (if any)

3. Participation or achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics related competitions or enrichment programmes

4.    Attitude and suitability during the interview (shortlisted applicants will be informed to attend the interview)

Application Procedures

1. The application form (hardcopy) can be obtained from our school General Office  from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The application form can also be downloaded here. 

2. The completed application form is to be submitted by post, or by hand, together with the supporting documents to: 

2018 Direct School Admission – Secondary (DSA-Sec) Exercise
Fuchun  Secondary School 
21 Woodlands Ave 1 
Singapore 739062

Copies of the following supporting documents are to be submitted together with the application form:

  • Latest academic results slips showing your conduct
  • CCA records
  • Other relevant documents

3. Students not studying in MOE schools, including Singapore citizens (SC) and permanent residents (PR), are required to obtain a letter from MOE Customer Service Centre before approaching the school for the DSA Application Form. 

4. International Students (IS) are to take part in the MOE AEIS (Admissions Exercise for International Students) before DSA-Sec Allocation. 

5. Successful applicants are expected to join either one of the ALP or LLP related CCAs.

6. Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

Important Dates


Time Frame

Collection / download of application form                

7 May 2018 onward

Submission of application form and supporting documents.

2 Jul - 31 Aug 2018

Interview session - Applicant will be informed of interview date and timing.

2 Jul - 31 Aug 2018

Outcome of the application - Applicant will receive a letter on the outcome. Our school reserves the right not to release the reasons for the outcome of the application.

By 31 Aug 2018

Exercise School Preference – Successful applicant who receives at least one DSA-Sec offer may indicate the school preferences, up to a maximum of three choices. He/she can do so online via the DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS) or physically at their primary schools.

29 Oct (9 am) - 2 Nov 2018 (3 pm)


Results Release – Applicant studying in MOE schools will receive his/her DSA-Sec results together with his/her PSLE results through his/her primary school.

22 - 26 Nov 2018 (Tentative)

More Information

You are encouraged to and can find out more from MOE website:  Click here

For Frequently Asked Questions:  Click here

For further enquiries, please contact Mr Kenneth Sim (Vice-Principal) at 6368 1984 during office hours.