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Integrated Curriculum (Project Work)


Integrated Project Work is a collaborative curriculum of the English Language, Humanities and 
Science Departments. IPW facilitates students in preparation for Upper Secondary, by inculcating the 
spirit of inquiry in our students from Secondary 1. The inquiry methodology of IPW reinforces the 
school’s vision for every student to be ‘A Learner, A Leader and An Explorer’. 
IPW seeks to strengthen students’ 21st century competencies through applied learning experiences 
and the equipping of life-skills through its collaborative nature. IPW aims to provide opportunities in 
the following areas:

  1. To train students to be confident communicators, self-directed learners and team collaborators 
  2. To help students make connections across different disciplines
  3. To familiarize students in inquiry learning as a way of learning, which will prepare them for upper 
  4. secondary inquiry based coursework
  5. To ease Secondary 1 students into Secondary School

Integrated Curriculum

Central to the Fuchun Integrated Curriculum is the learner. The secondary 2 curriculum was based on the Robin Fogarty model of overlapping concepts, skills and attitudes from both curriculums.

To ensure sustainability and rigour of the integrated curriculum, the same model was adopted by the Humanities Department. The department embarked on the concept of change across the Humanities subjects of History and Geography where students learnt about people and their environment and how they adapted to changes around them.

Students were assessed in two ways:

  • Project Work (Sec 2E/2NA) examining the effects of global warming and proposing solutions
  • Project Work (Sec 1E/1NA) focussing on the how man has to adapt to environmental changes through completing a web quest on Mt Vesuvius.
  • Integrated Tests
  • Fieldtrip

For the teachers in Fuchun, the curriculum was an innovative method to redefine our perspectives. As such, it was like getting a new pair of lenses that make teaching a lot more exciting and creative.