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'Mens sana in corpore sano' - Latin Aphorism, which means "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body"

About Us

Being part of the Fuchun Netball Team translates to having a second family. The CCA focuses on developing committed, passionate and responsible athletes. mphasis is also placed on inculcating self-confidence and advocating healthy lifestyle choices within the Netball Family.

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Students Journey

"FCS Netball Team feels like my second family. We are understanding towards one another and very close knit. I enjoy interacting with my teammates because they are easy-going and fun-loving!" - Erra (2 Gandhi)

"I feel proud to be a netballer in Fuchun as my teammates are constantly motivating me. We always share words of encouragement among us when the going gets tough. I always look forward to trainings with my team and while it can be tough, we believe we are all in this together!" - Rashvin (3 Lincoln)

"Fuchun Netball Team has made me step out of my comfort zone and I was able to gain more confidence and learned the value of perseverance. It is also where I can release my stress because I'm with the girls. Being in netball makes me happy and I look forward to trainings." - Nazirah (4 Leonardo)

Selection Criterion

Potential netballers must:
  • Attend the Sec 1 sports trials in January and be selected for the CCA by the CCA teachers and netball coach
  • Commit to attending all trainings during term time and school holidays (refer to training schedule below)
  • Possess basic ball handling skills such as throwing and catching balls
  • Be physically and mentally ready to undergo the strenuous training
  • Be able to juggle their studies, other school commitments and their CCA

Sports Netball.jpg

Training Days & TimeTeacher(s)-In-Charge
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Outdoor Netball Court
Mr Neville
Ms Annabel Lee Sze Ping
Mdm Nurshireen
Ms Nadzerah Mohamed Jufri

Events & Achievements:

  • North Zone Netball Competition 2017 ('B' Division) - Participation
  • North Zone Netball Competition 2017 ('C' Division) - Participation
  • M1 Challenge 2017 ('B' Division) - Participation
  • M1 Challenge 2017 ('C' Division) - Participation
  • Student-organised Values-in-Action Project with Big Apple Child Care & Development
    Centre (15 March 2017)