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Chinese Dance


Chinese dance in Fuchun Secondary School started back in 2008. Our current instructor is Ms. Dang Qi who has a vast and rich experience in both the performance and coaching of Chinese dance. Currently we have over 20 members in the club who chose to join Chinese Dance out of their appreciation for the Chinese culture and the passion to nurture their potential in Chinese dance as well as other dance genres.

Apart from coaching the students in traditional Chinese dance aesthetics, the students are encouraged to explore contemporary dance and choreography as part of their dance development. As part of the mission to nurture the students’ character anchored on our school ICARE values (Integrity, Camaraderie, Adaptability, Responsibility and Excellence), the students are given the opportunities to improve their skills through constant reflection on their own learning, team work and performance. On top of that, the students are expected to display high level of discipline and responsibility by keeping up with their punctuality and attendance. We also provide platforms to foster students’ leadership qualities and their strength of character.

In the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competition which took place in April 2019, our students spent months of training to perform a challenging and technically demanding dance item. The students have gone the extra miles by putting in the extra effort beyond what is required. With their high level of commitment and enthusiasm, our dancers have done us proud by clinching the certificate of accomplishment in SYF.

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Training Days & TimeTeacher(s)-In-Charge
Mondays: 1530 - 1800
Fridays: 1245 - 1515
Performing Arts Studio 1 (#A04-04)
Mdm Xu Ping
Ms Jasmine Lwa
Mdm Ng Hsuen Huey

Fuchun Secondary School Chinese Dance CCA 


  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2019 - Certificate of Accomplishment
  • 'Lion City Cup' arts competition 2018 - Gold with Honours Award
  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2017 - Certificate of Accomplishment


  • 10 Mar 2019 - Perform for Prime Minister visit at Marsiling
  • 15 Feb 2019 - VIA @ Orange Valley Centre
  • 18 Aug 2018 - VIA Block Party
  • 9 Aug 2018 - National Day Celebration @ Marsiling CC


Singapore Youth Festival 2019
 Fuchun Fiesta-409.JPG
 Fuchun Fiesta 2019
 Marsiling Community Day 2019
 Marsiling National Day Observance Ceremony 2018