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Green Club


An Environmentally Friendly Club that Advocates Love for Nature

About Us

The Green Club programme allowed the members to heighten their awareness of biodiversity and environmental issues such as water resources through visits to places like Sungei Buloh and Marina Barrage. Environmentally focussed activities helped to strengthen members’ conviction towards being environmentally caring.

Green Club also worked with partners outside the school, such as NParks, WWF, NWCDC as its members helped to spread the value of being environmentally minded to the members of public. From time to time, environmental issues such as the following were also discussed during CCA sessions:
  • Energy saving
  • Water conservation
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Biodiversity

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Training Days & TimeTeacher(s)-In-Charge
Mondays: 1530 - 1730
SR 1 Classroom (#D01-04)
Ms Leow Lea Ching
Mr Philemon Foo

Events & Achievements

  • North West Green Living Awards 2019 (Silver)
  • North West Green Living Awards 2018 (Bronze)
  • My Captain Green Decoration Competition 2015 - Participation
  • National Environment & Water Quiz (NEWQ) 2015 - Participation
  • Waste to Craft Creativity Competition 2015 - 3rd Place (National Level)
  • YED (Youth for the Environment Day) Upcycling Competition - Merit Award
    • Watch Youtube video HERE
  • "Energy and Waste" Green Website Competition, Envirofest - 1st Place
  • Living a RRR from Urban Waste Competition 2014 - Merit Award


Green 6.jpgNorth West Green Living Award Ceremony (27 April)
( Achieved Silver Ward)
Green 5.jpgVisit To Gardens By The Bay (27 April)
 Green 3.jpg
Visit to Marina Barrage (1 April)
 Green 4.jpg
YED Booth - Towards Zero Waste Nation (April)
 Green 2.jpg
Restoration Works @ Rifle Range Nature Trail (25 Jan)
 Green 1.jpg
Keep Clean @ North West : Litter Picking Activity near the school area