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The Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Values through Dance

Our Values through Dance Programme seeks to inculcate values, including school values, through the use of dance in various forms. While the student acquires the knowledge and learns the skills associated with dance, central to the nurturing of the student are the values that will serve to anchor the character development through appreciation, exposure, experimentation and experience the student undergoes.

The identified values will be nurtured in 3 aspects: Personal growth:  Creativity/Creative expression, Excellence, Perseverance, and Confidence; Interpersonal growth: Diversity, Camaraderie, Cultural understanding, and Spirit of sharing; and Career growth:  Adaptability, Collaboration, and National identity.

Our LLP is in alignment to the school’s strategic thrust 2, Excellence in Co-Curriculum, with one of the goals as developing in students the values, skills, awareness, appreciation and talent through performing arts, in particular, dance where it has been the stronghold of the performing arts in school. Our Direct School Admission commenced in 2015 with LLP in mind to admit students who have the attitude, interest and relevant aptitude into secondary 1.

Through the curriculum and co-curriculum, within school, in the community and even beyond our shores, many platforms avail for us to develop values and skills through our LLP.  The 3 tiers of development are:

1.    Tier 1 students (All Students) will be able to appreciate and recognise various dance art forms; and learn character and values through the arts.

2.    Tier 2 students (All PA CCA members) will be able to participate in discussions on values learnt through dance, and apply their artistic skills and techniques while initiating and participating in performing arts-related presentations and VIA projects.

3.    Tier 2+ students (selected PA CCA members) will be able to recognise their strengths and make informed decisions about their education and career aspirations; and lead, beyond participating, in dance-based activities as service to school and community.

In a nutshell:

By going through the LLP, we hope our students grow to be gracious, creative, constantly learning, reflective, socially competent, strive for excellence, collaborative team players inundated with integrity and respect to give back to community and society.

In other words, the FCS graduand, through the LLP, can be a scholar in dance, a practitioner of dance, an advocate for dance as well as a leader in dance.

All staff also partake in the various platforms of dance where possible.